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2011-09-12 18:22:48 by Stars-Of-Fiction


From the ashes of many intoxicated but inspired kamloops projects comes something truely different....
The Stars of Fiction ! ..and we are ready to kick some ass!!
The stars are in studio now!


From the chili peppers to System of a down, kyuss, Primus, Incubus, to the Beatles and Johny Cash, to Mario brothers and Tron.
Equipment List

Full equipment arsonal, from loud and live gear to recording gear.

Members Of Band

Shawn (the mystery) Seagal - Newgounds' own Bad-Man-Incorporated - Vocals
Jeff Marchant - geeter n' synths
Trevor Lorence - Engineering low end theory
Mike Erickson - Drums n' hearing loss

Album coming soon, taster tunes recorded in jam room are up for listening right now!


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